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Tenant's Rights

We compiled sources and information we think might be helpful.

What is this?

Hey! As tenant's ourselves, we've found ourselves in sticky or questionable situations while renting (especially as a student tenant), we thought it might be helpful to compile a list of sources and extra information to help you make more informed choices while renting.

Preface: depending on when you started renting, your rights may differ.
This page was updated last on the 10th of July 2020.

The basics

Whether you're a first time renter, or first time student renter the same rules apply to you.
As a student, you may find the quality of the homes a bit rougher but this varies with price, location and a number of other factors.

The government has key rules listed here and we've written a few answers to questions you might have around them.

Live in a property that is in a good state of repair

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What is a protected deposit?

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How do I get my deposit back?

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Who is my landlord?

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How can I tell if my landlord is real?

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What is a rogue landlord?

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Live in the property undisturbed ("Right to quiet enjoyment")

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Your landlord must give 24 hours written notice.

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What your landlord can / cannot do.

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Where to get urgent help?

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