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About us

We think the rental market needs shaking up.

Tenants and others!

Hey! We're glad you've made it here, and have the time to read this. Roostul started in May 2020 as a response to bad landlords, terrible letting agents and awful rental accommodation.

An estimated 8.5 million people rent privately in England alone, and a lot of these people have to deal with bad landlords / letting agents or property not up to scratch. The government has made some steps towards helping renters(scraping admin fees, implementing a deposit cap and creating a rogue landlord database) but we feel this is not enough. The government does not have these landlords on record, andhas no plans to introduce a national landlord registry anytime soon.

Landlords and letting agents need and must be held accountable, held to a higher standard than standard businesses / investments because their actions directly impact peoples lives for months / years. They can up-end finances and affect the mental and physical health of the tenants.

We've built Roostul to help renters and good property owners connect, drawing light to bad situations renters have had, while keeping both parties anonymous.

Rate your landlord, rate your letting agent and rate your property, let us (and future tenants) know the good and bad of your tenancy experience.

Leave a review today, save a tenant tomorrow!

Landlords and letting agents!

We understand that you aren't all bad and some of you really do appreciate the circumstances tenants live under.

We thank you, for the care you put into your properties, the responsiveness you offer tenants and we hope we can offer you a platform to reach out and put you ahead of landlords and letting agents who aren't as good as you.

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Urgent help with bad landlord / letting agent.

If you need urgent help surrounding unfair evictions, discrimination, sexual assault or worse from your landlord / letting agent, you need to speak to someone. We are a simple review platform and cannot assist in these situations but, we can offer links to some very helpful people.

  • Your local police

    If your landlord / letting agent has committed a crime please go to the police.

  • Citizens Advice Bureau

    When your case isn't as clear cut and you feel your tenant rights may have been violated, the citizens advice bureau is an excellent place to find information (and contacts) to figure out what can be done.

  • Shelter

    Shelter are great at helping out with issues around housing, unfair evictions, homelessness and more.

  • Generation Rent

    A movement which resonates with our core values, they aim to make legislative change. We wholeheartedly support them.